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Viwade : A strong partner!

Last update: Jul 12

The company Viwade, headed by Walter DEBENATH, joins the BioRenGaz project as an associate. Jonathan FRITSCH and Walter DEBENATH worked together for 10 years before in a manufacturer of anaerobic digestion, composting, mechanical-biological sorting and air treatment, respectively as Research and Development Manager and Technical Director.

Having worked together before, Jonathan FRITSCH and Walter DEBENATH know each other well, they each have their own area of expertise and bring their ideas to the development of the new anaerobic digestion technology.

Walter DEBENATH is president of the company Viwade.

From consulting to implementation, Viwade is an engineering company based in Alsace, managing and delivering turnkey projects in the energy and environment sectors. The main activities are the realisation of technical studies related to waste treatment, air treatment and industrial equipment installations as well as the purchase and resale of equipment in the field of energy and environment.


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