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BioRenGaz: Origin

Last update: Jul 13

Creation of the project and submission of the e-Soleau envelope

Following feedback from the design, construction and operation of waste recovery facilities, an ecological, high-performance process was devised. This is inspired by air treatment (biofilter) and water treatment (MBBR). The 100% renewable, recycled packing material provides a habitat and improves the performance of the micro-organisms that convert waste into energy.

The e-Soleau envelope is filed on 18 June 2018, the entrepreneurial project begins.

Creation of the company BioRenGaz

The BioRenGaz startup is created following the first results of the proof of concept and the validation of the incubation at SEMIA necessary to obtain the startup grant from the Grand-Est region in June 2019. The company is specialised in the engineering and technical studies sector. It is based in Strasbourg.

The founder is Jonathan FRITSCH.

BioRenGaz is the contraction of Biological & Renewable Gaz.


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