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Based on its experience, the BioRenGaz team has developed an innovative, modular and efficient technology for treating liquid/pulpy effluents in anaerobic digestion. 

The anaerobic filter technology developed uses a 100% renewable packing material derived from recycling. 

As a manufacturer and equipment supplier, BioRenGaz offers a modular technology that can be adapted to the needs of your project. 


The technology also provides a concrete solution for the compliance of anaerobic digestion plants that treat livestock manure and food waste, to be implemented during 2022. 


The regulation specifies that food waste can no longer be converted into biogas with unhygienised manure in the same digester.  

For more information, please read the article on the new regulation or contact us! 



Do you have a project in development? 

Contact us to develop a project together!

Nos conceptions


Benefit from four times more efficient technology compared to conventional Continuously Stirred Tank Reactors (organic loading rate, OLR). 
The installation design (vertical silo) decreases up to 10 times the surface area. With more compact equipment, take advantage of ease of integration, reduced costs and installation space. 

Energy production is maximised by keeping the micro-organisms on the packing material (no continuous renewal consuming part of the energy of the recovered material). 

Operational costs are minimised by the reduction of electrical consumption (laminar flow, no agitation). 


The availability of the installation is optimised (reduced maintenance times). 

The BioRenGaz technology is modular, the number of bioreactors depends on the quantity of material to be treated. 

“Standard" installation (1 silo of 80 m3) 

  • Treatment capacity: 1,700 t/year 

  • Production: 10 Nm3-CH4/h 

  • Surface area: 9 m2/silo

Des performances
times better performance than conventional anaerobic digestion (CSTR)
Une réduction de
reduction in operating costs
Une augmentation de
increase in gas production
Une diminution de
du biogaz et
des recettes

 BioRenGas technology currently recovers all liquid / pulpy materials: 

Image by Ochir-Erdene Oyunmedeg

Food industry 

• Juices, fruit pulps, peelings, yeasts, wines, whey, milk, starch, filled waters, glucose, oil, glycerine, etc.      

        Brewery, distillery, cheese factory,                    sugar factory

Communities / Restaurateurs / Supermarkets / Citizens

• Food biowaste, table waste, etc.
        Waste collection and sorting

Water treatment 

• Sludge

         WWTP, paper mill, etc 


• Slurry


Exploitations agricoles

• Lisier


BioRenGaz technology adapts to your needs! 

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