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BioRenGaz carried out the design and construction of a pilot plant to validate the performance on an industrial scale. 

The proof of concept of this process was finalised in 2019 by the RITTMO Agroenvironment laboratory as part of the Plan d'Investissements d'Avenir (PIA) "Territoires d'innovation de grande ambition" coordinated by Mulhouse Alsace Agglomération (m2A).    


The industrial pilot was installed at our partner's farm biogas plant in Preutin-Higny on the Gest-Eco-Terre site (54490) in October 2020. 

pilote de méthanisation en laboratoire



The start-up of the industrial pilot followed these phases: 

  1. Inoculation of bacteria coming from the GEST-ECO-TERRE farm biogas plant.

  2. Acclimatisation, with the rise in temperature to reach the thermophilic regime (55 C°).

  3. Ramp-up of the bioreactor with the progressive feeding of concentrated whey (liquid material with high energy density) which lasted 16 days.   


After ramping-up the bioreactor, we obtained the following results: 

  • Input (concentrated whey): 73 Nm³-CH4 /t-MB

  • ORL applied: 11.0 kg-COD/m³/d 

  • Flow rate: 3.6 Nm³-biogas/h at 51% methane 

                    > BMP of 89% (without post-digester)

The BioRenGaz technology has exceeded the results of the laboratory proof of concept, with an Organic loading rate (ORL) performance 4 times higher than that of conventional Continuously Stirred Tank Reactors (CSTR).   

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